The Department of Information Communication (IC) in Yuan Ze University is the first department in the name of Information Communication. The planning of the department is started in the spring of 1992 and followed by the inaugural enrollment in the summer of 1994 with 60 undergraduate students and a few graduate students. Since 1999, there are 120 undergraduate students enrolled in each academic year. In 2000, the department is successfully approved by the Ministry of Education to enroll students in two groups:
(1) Digital Media Design and (2) Web Communication. Later in 2004, the department introduced a third group: (3) Interactive Edutainment Technology.

In August 2012, due to the trend of information, media and design convergence, the Digital Media Design and Web Communication groups are merged into the Design group, while the Interactive Edutainment Technology group is renamed as the Technology group. In 2014, graduate students are enrolled in two groups: (1) Digital Content Design and (2) Interactive Media Technology. Later in 2016, both groups are merged into the Master’s Program in the Department of Information Communication.


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