Admissions and Scholarships

Yuan Ze University has an abundance and variety of on-campus and off-campus scholarships. To reward the enrolment of outstanding students and recognize their excellent academic performance, the university establishes the Y. Z. Hsu Scholarship, Overseas Chinese Student Scholarship, and Foreign Student Scholarship. To broaden the horizon of students and develop self-potential, the university encourages students with outstanding work or thesis to participate in off-campus academic competitions. To enhance the professional and creative ability of students to win honors by observing and learning through competition, there are International and Cross-strait Exchange Scholarship, scholarships to subsidize students for participating in off-campus academic competitions, College of Informatics subsidy for student paper, Department of Information Communication subsidy for international academic competition and paper.

Yuan Ze University also provides various counselling services and value-added skill training to enrolled students and establishes Work-Study Bursary and many stipend programs as measures to reduce their financial burden. Financial aid for low-income students to successfully complete their studies include fee remission benefit, education loan, financial assistance, Low-income Bursary, Diligence Scholarship, and Work-Study Bursary.

For more information on scholarships/bursaries and their grant requirements, please visit GLOBAL AFFAIRS OFFICE

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