Profile and Features

The Department of Information Communication currently has an approved annual intake of 120 undergraduate students for two classes: Design group and Technology group, and 28 graduate students. The department has 14 full-time faculty members, including 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 9 assistant professors, and 1 lecturer. Since the inauguration of the department in 1994, the number of alumni is about 1,600. These alumni are well received and highly praised with outstanding performance regardless of further studies or industry employment in Information and Web Technology, Digital Design, Media Marketing, or Film and Television Communication. The department has abundant learning resources and laboratories that include iMac computer room, multimedia teaching laboratory, 4K Ultra High-Definition virtual studio with WiFi Motion Capture system, seminar room, and digital post-production center.

Teaching philosophy of creative design and technology integrationThe department integrates the fields of Information, Design, and Communication with the main research direction in the development and application of interactive media technology, complemented by the design and integration of digital media content. From establishing the foundations of visual design to integrating digital technology, the department constructs teaching methods with rich cultural and creative implications that uses technology and innovative research development to train interdisciplinary professionals in interactive media technology application and digital media content design.

(a) Development Focus and Features

  • Design, research and development of human-computer interaction technology
  • Integration and application of web media content
  • Establishment of visual design aesthetics and strength
  • Design and integrated application of digital multimedia
  • Application and development of film and television communication

(b) Professional Digital Content Design

The department emphasizes on the integration of conscious design and information technology with the aim of training professionals in the integration of digital technology and content creation.

(c) Highly Reputable Internship

Students have to use the summer vacation of their third year for internship (which is a required course in the department) to gain practical experience in industry standards, thus improving their professional ability and competitiveness. Internship companies include media, information technology/ telecom, game production, animation/film/television, and multimedia design. Many of these companies are leading corporations in the information, game, media, and advertising industry.




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